Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Batak Museum in Tomok

Batak is one of the tribes that lived in the area Tapanuli - North Sumatra. Batak culture also has filled a very strong color would ancestral customs. When my friend CHE88 have free time for a vacation then Tapanuli region is a suitable place to relieve fatigue from daily work. One example of a vacation spot that is not less interesting than beautiful panorama of the world then the Lake Toba is one of them.

There you will enjoy the beautiful panorama with the object of the vast expanse of the lake covers an area of ​​3.658 km2 area, with a lake surface area of ​​1.103 km2. The rest of the area is approximately 43% of the area is hills and 30% mountainous, with the highest peak at 2,000 m above sea level.

If we moved to the area samosir across the island that dwells among islands. then there is still frequently encountered and even custom homes batak museum.
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