Monday, October 1, 2012

Swift Code / Roating Number list for Indonesian Banks

 To make Transaction between International Bank Wire Transfer using a method ( or also known as Telegraphic Transfer ), You need the Swift Code ( Society for World-Wide Interbank Financial Telecommunication )

The Unique Code in the form of CAPITAL, Where the last Three Letters XXX, Which is Owned by each Bank for the purpose of Transfer Money to and from foreign countries

Here the Bank list include the SWIFT CODE / ROATING NUMBER

  2. Hagabank: HAGAIDJA
  3. Bank Artha Graha: ARTGIDJA
  4. Bank Bumiputera Indonesia: BUMIIDJA
  5. Bank Bumi Arta Indonesia: BBAIIDJA
  6. Bank Buana Indonesia: BBIJIDJA
  7. Bank Danamon: BDINIDJA
  8. Bank Mandiri (not Bank Syariah Mandiri): BEIIIDJA
  9. Bangkok Bank: BKKBIDJA
  10. Bank Niaga: BNIAIDJA
  11. Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI): BNINIDJA
  12. Bank BNP Paribas Indonesia: BNPAIDJA
  13. Bank Resona Perdania: BPIAIDJA
  14. Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI): BRINIDJA
  15. Bank Bukopin: BBUKIDJA
  16. Bank Central Asia (BCA): CENAIDJA
  17. Deutsche Bank AG: DEUTIDJA
  18. Bank Mizuho Indonesia: MHCCIDJA
  19. Hongkong and Shanghai Banking (HSBC): HSBCIDJA
  20. Bank Internasional Indonesia (BII): IBBKIDJA
  21. Bank Indonesia: INDOIDJA
  22. Lippobank: LIPBIDJA
  24. Pan Indonesia Bank: PINBIDJA
  25. Bank Rabobank International Indonesia: RABOIDJA
  26. Bank UFJ Indonesia (formerly Bank Sanwa Indonesia): SAINIDJA
  27. Bank Swadesi: SWBAIDJA
  28. Bank Tabungan Negara (BTN): BTANIDJA
  29. Bank UOB Indonesia: UOBBIDJA
  30. Bank Permata: BBBAIDJA
  31. Bank Maybank Indocorp: MBBEIDJA
  32. Bank Chinatrust Indonesia: CTCBIDJA
  33. Woori Bank Indonesia: HVBKIDJA
  34. Bank Sumitomo Mitsui Indonesia: SUNIIDJA
  35. Bank Finconesia: FINBIDJA
  36. Bank OCBC Indonesia: OCBCIDJA
  37. Bank Kesawan: AWANIDJA
  38. Bank Commonwealth: BICNIDJA
  39. Bank Ekonomi Raharja: EKONIDJA
  40. Bank DBS Indonesia: DBSBIDJA
  41. Bank CIC International (formerly Bank Century Intervest Corp): CICTIDJA
  42. Bank Ekspor Indonesia: BEXIIDJA
  43. Bank Mega: MEGAIDJA
  44. Bank of China, Jakarta Branch: BKCHIDJA
  45. Bank Syariah Mandiri (not Bank Mandiri): BSMDIDJA

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